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Deemedya is a mobile games publisher and developer of top-ranked games, with teams in Tel Aviv, Saint Petersburg and Silicon Valley, US. As a top game publisher, our constant challenge is to deliver phenomenal games to our dedicated users and to remain ahead of the curve in terms of technological innovation.

With a deep industry understanding and long term relationships with main industry players, we managed to maximize the performance of our top ranking games. Our goal is to provide fun and excitement to our millions of players, exposing our audience to a new level of gameplay!!














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In everyone’s life comes a point where they have to prove something.

It’s your time now! Hack and slash your opponents to become the champion! customize your fighter, improve your abilities and fight against other players from all around the world. choose from hundreds of different weapons, shields and spells to become the leagues champion.

Real time 4-player PVP racing game!

Compete against players from all over the world to become the #1 player. Form your own clan and complete quests with the help of your clan members. Optimize your bikes using hundreds of customizing components and create your own unique bike!

Over 80M downloads for the best trial-racing game ever!

And over 200 levels of Xtreme environments. Play in exciting tournaments against real players from all over the world and in challenging duals1-on-1, to become the world’s #1 Trial Xtreme player. Choose from a variety of bikes that offer hundreds of improvements and components for customization.

Sail your way to victory!

Live the life of a pirate from your phone. Sail the seas, combat other pirates or loot innocent ships. Buy different ships, each with its own unique abilities, and upgrade it to become the most fearsome pirate ship in the world.

Race against the world!

Conquer 4 different environments and over 100 levels! Compete in special events and work your way to the top of the league. Race against other players in real time. With an array of bikes, customize and boost the one you love most and create the best dirt bike ever!

One of the best Trial Xtreme titles of all times!

Over 100 levels in some of the most epic environments known to man. Challenge other riders worldwide and achieve the #1 spot at each and every level. Hundreds of breathtaking obstacles that will challenge your abilities to become the top rider.

Swing away!

Catapult yourself deep into the jungle and use your rope to swing through the trees, high into the sky. Cover the greatest distance to the top of the leaderboard, but beware of the obstacles on your way. Variety of powerups and characters for hours of non-stop fun!