Deemedya is a digital media company. We are an international developer, publisher and distributor of mobile content.

We take traditional mainstream brands, companies, products and activities into the new world of mobile and social media.

With Deemedya's unique understanding of the marketplace and our team's many years of experience in digital media we have the know-how to build and market digital products that will maximize the potential of the product itself.

Our cutting edge set of creation tools allows us to create top of the art cross platform applications in a short time frame to the benefit of our clients. Our team upholds two main principles: integrity and professionalism. It is this philosophy that ensures our clients and suppliers that they will not only receive the best products and services but also accurate reporting and payments.

Our success is due to a group of team players working in a professional and open environment allowing their creativity and natural desire to improve and flourish. Please check some of our in-house developed products below